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Zinc deficiency impairs the immune system, generates retardation in growth and can cause hair loss, among others.


It is produced in the body of another amino acid, phenylalanine. This other non-essential amino acid that the body produces naturally. This amino acid is responsible for creating melanin, which is the pigment that colors our hair and skin.

Not only is tyrosine good for baldness, it can be used to treat many other health problems, including insomnia, anxiety and depression.

Tyrosine is known to contribute to the reduction in the levels of the stress hormone in the body. Since stress is a major factor in hair loss, tyrosine can prevent alopecia by reducing stress.


The inositol is necessary for the good state of the nerve cells and for the metabolism of the lipids, since next to the hill, is responsible for the creation of neurotransmitters and to prevent the lipids from depositing in the liver and favoring their transport and penetration in the cells.


Therefore it is necessary for blood circulation because it reduces cholesterol, for the good condition of the skin and hair, for good reproductive capacity, for the good state of the digestive system.

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